Welcome to the SCA New Zealand

This is the web site of the New Zealand arm of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an international group dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-1600 medieval western Europe.

On the left you will find links to the various sections of this site. If you want to get straight into the fun stuff have a look at the SCA groups in New Zealand and the Kingdom of Lochac website

    Draft Social Media policy

    There is now a draft Social Media policy available here for consultation and feedback. Please send any comments to the committee.

    Health and Safety Coverage for SCA Activities

    Greetings SCANZ members,

    Dillon from the Committee has been looking at the new H&S legislation.  Below is a link to a specific FAQ for volunteers.


    'The coverage of volunteers will remain the same as the approach under the current law.  This means a purely volunteer organisation where volunteers work together for community purposes and which does not have any employees is known as a volunteer association under the Bill.  A volunteer association is not a business and therefore, the Bill will not apply to it.'

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